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A special letter from the desktop of Catherine ‘Kate’ Sharp
Founder & CEO The Wound Centre © Sydney, Australia

‘How to get the best ideas from the
world’s top wound care experts without spending
days searching for information…’

Dear Wound Care Colleague,

I have spent the last 20 years or so devouring books and journals; in fact anything and everything to do with preventing and managing wounds, related OH&S, and infection control issues.

Now I suspect you are like me…not enough hours in your day to learn all that you need to know about preventing pressure ulcers, managing surgical sites & treating lower limb ulcers…no matter how big a part of your job it is.

And that’s the purpose of my letter to you; to introduce you to a service that will cut your reading time from 6 hours a week to just 6 minutes!

The Wound Centre provides a Unique Service for You! You will be able to download case studies with step-by-step wound management, fact sheets for your staff and patients, as well as this interactive site where you can post your comments and questions.

We can assist with advice on the right equipment to prevent pressure ulcers, the best dressing for skin tears in the aged and much more.

The Wound Centre provides skilfully researched summaries of the best information based on real life experiences over many years with patients… information that really works.

You’ll join a Who’s Who of The World’s wound care experts who, like you, have too few hours in the week.

You and your patients will be rewarded many times over for your FREE membership; that I can guarantee.

Be sure to enter your details on the right and you’ll begin receiving valuable updates, newsletters and articles from The Wound Centre.

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